Casino Ranking

How we rank the best online casinos

To rank online casinos in our Best Online Casinos  list, We developed a unique ranking methodology. The objective of this ranking methodology is to perform a complete analysis of several factors from the online casino software odds , reliable payment to Customer Support. Each ranking factor is analyzed and awarded points. The end ranking is the total sum of this points.

Here is the breakdown of this great online casino ranking method:

  • Factor: Licensing Valid License = 2 pt.
  • 2. Software Odds (Payout percentage) Regular auditing = 2 pt
  • Payout points = (Payout percentage x 0.1 )
  • Factor: Customer Support (max. 5 pts.)

    E-Mail support = 1 pt.
    Tel/Fax support = 1 pt.
    online chat support = 1 pt.
    support reaction time <24h = 2 pts.
    support reaction time >24h<48h = 1 pts.
    support reaction time >48h = 0 pts.

  • Factor: Payment methods

    2 possibilities = 1 pt.
    more than 2 possibilities = 2 pts.

  • Fun Our ranking team, who test the casinos characteristics gives between 1 -15 points for the overall fun in the casino. This includes aspects like the quality of graphics, sound, number of available games, download time, help options, the possibility of free play and general impression.
  • Factor: Security SSL (or similar) available = 2 pts.